“Real Estate Property & Business” is an academic online journal where are published original academic and scientific articles focused over business with Real Estate Properties and current topics related to its economical behavior and management.

“Real Estate Property & Business” is an academic platform addressed to local and international scientists focusing over economic, management, finance, marketing and other aspects of Business sciences. The authors and the readers of the journal are representatives of different aspects of the Real Estate business – construction, trades, management and assessment services companies.

The main discussed and reviewed aspects in the journal are related to:

  • Analysis of Real Estate Property sector;
  • Property management;
  • Facility management;
  • Innovations and tendencies in construction and construction materials;
  • Analysis of Real Estate market;
  • Marketing of Real Estate Properties;
  • Trade of Real Estate Properties;
  • Accounting aspects of Real Estate trade and management;
  • Current challenges faced in urban planning;
  • Financing and investments in Real Estate Properties;
  • Lawful aspects of business with Real Estate Properties;
  • Assessment of Real Estate Properties;
  • Insurance of Real Estate Properties;
  • Human resource management in Real Estate Properties sector;
  • Risk management of transactions with Real Estate Properties;
  • Financial analysis and etc.

10-th international scientific-practical conference


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