Rashid AlKaitoob, Lyudmila Mihaylova, Emil Papazov

Abstract: The analysis of the smart city vision and investing in its development raises a number of issues of growing importance concerning economics and management. This paper focuses on examples from the experience of Dubai as a city. The aim is to outline the vision of a modern smart city by analyzing Dubai's good practice. In this regard, significant avant-garde projects are presented, which still have no analogues in the practice of other countries. The overview of the specifics of Dubai's smart city vision is an initial step towards a deeper research and findings. The planned and partly realized vanguard projects in Dubai show that there are a number of important issues. Some of them can be summarized as follows: planning activities and investments of a private and public nature and developing public-private partnership; promoting and undertaking technological innovations that support smart cities; analyzing needs and resources of the region and settlement; promoting the development of specific services and activities related to the modernization of cities; developing flexible public administration and electronic management; promoting energyefficient consumption; and organizing education towards an intelligent way of life.

Key words: smart cities; business development; regional management; Dubai.

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