Цветелина Атанасова

Abstract: The impact of demographic changes on residential construction in Varna district is of significant importance for revealing the main trends in prices and volume of construction output. Disclosure of these principles requires a number of demographic indicators for population statics and dynamics, such as natural and mechanical growth rates, birth and death rates, employment and unemployment rates, average wages, which can be used to determine the impact on housing prices and volume construction. The study shows an increase in the population in the district of Varna in the last 10 years, combined with an increase in employment rates and average wages. Unemployment has decreased by 70%, as a result of which real estate transactions have increased. The average prices per sq.m. of housing increased by 5% over the past year and an upward trend on the prices of one-bedroom homes can be observed. While the commissioned newly built buildings keep a stable price and volume close to the previous year, there is a rise in the commissioned brick and other (wooden, stone) residential buildings.

Key words: demographic change; housing construction; average prices per sq.m.; pandemic; Region Varna.

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