Марина Славова

Abstract: Urbanization of the periphery of big cities – economical centers – in Bulgaria (peri-urbanization) is an important migration trend since 2015 and it has a significant impact on the settlement network changes. Although further research is needed so the process to be differentiated from other processes included in the same statistics like sub-urbanization and ruralization peri-urbanization already has visible pattern. The process of peri-urbanization in Bulgaria sets questions for urban planning but also creates opportunities for development – different types of potential for development directly connected to construction industry. The present paper is an attempt to reveal problems and perspective of peri-urbanization through four case studies. Results could be applied in development strategies at different levels. In addition: populating of villages in the periphery of economical centers in Bulgaria is a niche in the construction business with potential of development of infrastructure, building and reconstructions in the fields of residential construction, public services (including education, healthcare, culture and arts), social care and some types of industry, logistics and remote employment.

Key words: peri-urbanization, potential, periphery, statistics, migrations

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