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Abstract: This article describes the legal order for determining the amount of the due compensation in the event of establishment of easement rights for extending existing energy sites or establishing new ones. In order for the due compensation to be paid there are two alternative methods – mutual consent through a contract between the parties or by forming a committee by the municipality mayor. In both methods, in order to determine the amount of the due compensation it is necessary to do so on the basis of a preliminary assessment by a licensed independent evaluator. When making the assessment, it is imperative to take into account the area of the foreign estate within the easement; types of usage restrictions; the period for which easement will be established; the fair market valuation of the property or the part of it that is located within the limits of the easement. In addition to the mandatory criteria set by law, the valuation must also take into account the type of real estate, which is of major importance whether it is urbanized, agricultural land or falls into forest areas

Key words: property valuation, compensation, energy infrastructure; real estate; easement

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